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Heath Shelton, CPP Sponsored by Think Tank, Millers Lab, Powerex, SuccessWare, Shootproof As a small boy Heath Shelton watched as his dad make prints under a red safe light. He had no way of knowing that someday in the future he would be doing the very same thing. As he got his dad’s camera down from the shelf many years later, he then knew that making beautiful images was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Heath never dreamed of being a fireman, a doctor, or even a lawyer. He always knew that documenting the lives of people and stories of the earth was what he wanted to pursue. Then, with a few lessons from his father, Heath went out to look through that light tight box we know as a camera and started his life long career as a photographer. Now with twenty three years of experience (30yrs behind a camera) and four years of photography schooling, Heath is producing the type of work he has always dreamed about. After graduation he kept his business that he had started while in college part time and went to work for Oklahoma State University as Coordinator of Photography for two years. Heath is now running his business, Shelton’s Photography and Design, full time in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Heath is an award winning portrait and landscape photographer. However, if you ask him he’ll say, “I enjoy taking portraits of just about anything. As long as I am behind my camera, I am happy.” Why your story is so important as a business owner, a community leader and a consumer. Branding, Social Media, GIITC and how I have survived 23yrs in the photography industry!!

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