May 13 - Beyond Your Own Brain: Exercises for Creative Thinking

Understanding and using Creativty in a non creative environment

BYOB is know to many as Bring Your Own Bottle, but understanding the creative process is like unconsciously changing the way in which we think. Creativity cannot be taught, but through a series of exercises, the brain can adapt to new surroundings and learn from the kinds of experiences Joe will demonstrate during this seminar. Though a series of these exercises, each person will process the information differently and the Creative process will be an "Ah-ha" moment to increased Creativity for each person. They can then take these exercises and apply them to their own business and be more creative and more productive in their photographic careers.

Joe has been a Commercial photographer for over 42 years specializing in Food & Product, Architecture and Aviation. He has been an instructor at Texas School of Photography, PPA conventions, PhotoshopWorld and will have a book on Food Photography coming out in May. Joe has

a Master of Photography, Photographic Craftsman and a Master Artist degree through PPA and has been

a member since 1977.

Some of Joe's clients include kraft Foods, Nabisco, Tupperware, delici, Aldi Foods, Palermos Pizza and Amazon Prime.

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