March 11 Talk - The Art of Transformation

Bringing character and story to life.

What else do we do?

Bodypainting has been one of the oldest forms of expression and art in human history. For many tribes it is something sacred. In today's society people wear makeup everyday. There are some beliefs that certain wisdom, ability and intelligence could come to a person, but not until they transformed themselves first. Using clays, herbs and other minerals mixed with oils or just water people adorn themselves for any number of occasions such as Holidays, Tradition, Weddings, War, Funerals, Birth, Celebrations and Remembrance to things specific to each culture or group. Now, people compete with their skills in illustration, design and creativity with events that have varying themes.

We will talk about the power of transformation, working with different kinds of artists and what unique pros and cons this element can add to personal, business and community projects. For examples, with The Crump Effect, we are focusing on a Metamorphosis series, to aid in our rebrand towards current focus and future goals. We will discuss some of those ideas with you and how we plan to grow in the future. How can working with others build your portfolio and following? It takes a teamwork and dedication to make big things happen.

Bryan Crump has been in the arts for most of his life and doing body art for nearly 15 years on/off. He has been published both locallting and internationally. Bryan specializes in creative consultation, bodypainting, promotions, networking, production, motivation and marketing. . We offer immersive experience development for our clients. As transformation specialists, we have art at our core, but bring many other values to the table with varying expertise depending on the teams we need to build for each clients request.

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