Perspective – Get Your Photos Noticed!

As photographers we often ask ourselves: How do I get noticed?

There are many answers to this question but for today we will focus on one. It’s called perspective and it is one of the easiest things to change about your photos in order to stop people in their tracks.

What is Perspective?

Perspective is defined as

“Approximate representation, generally on a flat surface (such as paper), of an image as it is seen by the eye”

It is what makes things closer to you appear larger and things further from you appear smaller.

In a nut shell, it is how we view and photograph a given subject. A.k.a – our point of view

By understanding perspective, we can change how our viewer sees our subject and therefore change how they engage with our images.

Why is it important?

Its important to make the brain pause.

Being creative with your perspective or point of view is a great way to increase interest and engagement in your photograph.

Our brains are programmed to filter out everyday, mundane things out of our consciousness so we can focus on more important and interesting things around us.

If your image is full of clutter or is all around “basic”, the viewer will just pass it by because their brain unconsciously filters it out. So by changing the perspective to something that we don’t see all of the time, they will stop and look at it because it was not automatically filtered out.

To learn more about this concept, please watch the first half (up to 5:49) of this video. Spyros Heniadis does a great job explaining it in greater detail than I can.

Can I do this with “my” photography?

You absolutely can do this with “your” photography!

As a beginner that is just getting started, this is a great way to get noticed. If you’re a pro that has been doing this for a living for years, this is a great way to “break the mold” and try something different.

I am primarily a macro and creative landscape photographer. You may be a product, portrait, wedding, pet or any other kind of photographer.

No matter your subject, stop and think about what you want to capture and portray to your viewer and how best to show it in a new way that hasn’t been seen before. Otherwise, if we were all to get together and photograph the exact same subject, with the same light, from the same angle and post the images in a single album on Facebook our viewers, looking through that album, would get bored very quickly because all the images look basically the same.

Do it differently than everyone else and your photo will stand out among all the others.

Check out this video where Peter McKinnon explains and shows more about thinking and shooting differently.

How can I change my perspective?

Here are just a few ways to change your perspective:

Slow down:

It’s too easy to just pick up our camera and start shooting without much thought about what we are shooting.

If you go to the park to take pictures of flowers, don’t just start snapping pics and hope to get a couple that you like. Slow down and look around. Look at individual flowers. Look at what will be in the background.

Before you take the first shot, take a minute and think. Get an image and story in your mind then set out to make it happen.

Get close:

Instead of taking a picture of a huge pot of flowers with a couple trees, park bench and a dog in the background. Get closer and fill the frame with the pot and flowers. Or get even closer and fill the frame with a single flower.

Make sure that the subject that you want to be the focus of the image is not lost in the chaos of the background.

Get low:

Most people photograph flowers from the top down. Right? Well, don’t do it like everyone else. Try getting down to the same level as the flower or even get lower and shoot it from below. You will find that they are beautiful from many different angles.

Show less:

We don’t always have to show the entire subject, regardless of what it is.

You will still know it is a flower even if you don’t show the stem and all of its pedals. Show a headlight and hood ornament and we will know that it is a car or truck.

Don’t be lazy:

More often than not you can find a better, more creative angle by simply moving around your subject.

Don’t just assume that the angle you first seen it from is the best angle. Look at it from other viewpoints and figure out which one will show your subject or tell the story the best.

Check out this video from Visual Art Photography Tutorials where Ray Scott shows you how you can photograph the same subject in many ways to increase its visual appeal.

Don’t do it like everyone else.

Ask yourself this question: how would someone else take this photo? Then slow down, think and get creative. Look for that perfect angle and take the shot like only “you” can.


More ways to use perspective.

Take a few minutes today to check out a couple of other ways that we can use perspective to create more unique and impactful images.

Learn about Leading Lines from Steve Wright at Learn Online Video Here and from Joshua Cripps at Professional Photography Tips Here .

Also see some examples of Forced Perspective that Amazing Pics TV has posted Here .

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