Posing and Lighting, Does it really matter?

Feb 11 Talk -

Why we should pay attention to our subjects and

give them their best possible image.

We’re going to discuss how we can allow light to create an image that is more

than a picture. We can create shape, mood, direction, and even feelings using

light and learning how to manipulate it.

Posing can make or break an images look, feel and composition. Lets talk about

why we position clients and not just snap away.

Randy Taylor, Master Photog. Craftsman, CPP.

Randy has been active in photography since 1978 and has lived in Edmond with a full-time studio beginning in 1984. He received his Master of Photography degree, Photographic Craftsman degree, Certified Professional Photographer status, and earned his Photographic Excellence medallion. He was given the PPA National Award by the Professional Photographers of Okla.

The PPA honored Randy In Atlanta by awarding him the PPA Legacy award during the 2019 Awards Ceremony. This is for his work for charity and for the national association.

Randy has served as a board member and as President of Professional Photographers of Okla. He served as a board member and President for two years of Southwest PPA.

After moving to Oklahoma City, Randy found that there was no organization for photographers to gather, learn and share the occupation of photography. He with two others formed the group now known as Metro Professional Photographers and served on the board and a term as president in its first 15 years.

Randy is a PPA Life Member and has been on the PPA Council for 9 years. He also serves on the PPA B.R.E. Committee and is a Judge for the Certification process. He is currently on the National Board of Directors for “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep”.

He served as Trustee of PPA Charities for 12 years, two years as Vice President. He worked as a board member for the Southwest Professional Photographers and as President for 2 terms. He worked in his own states PPOK as a board of director, President, PPO School Director and other positions.

He believes that helping others is our duty as Photographers. We should appreciate people with their needs, their problems and see their beauty and potential If given a chance.

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