2018 to a New 2019

I wanted to thank all our members for making 2018 a successful year. Our members are the heart of our organization and without your passion for learning and dedication to your craft, this organization wouldn’t continue forward into this new year. Thank you for attending meetings, thank you for sharing on social media, for participating in image competition, for showing up early to help and staying late to help. From our Board and myself ; THANK YOU!

As we start in to a new year with MPPA, I am truly excited. I am going to borrow a saying I have heard frequently this year from PPA, Bridging the Gap. As a local guild, we are the bridge! Bridging the gap between beginners and seasoned professionals. The gap between digital and print, between our local communities of photographers and our PPA organizations. Here locally the effects we have on the photography community trickle up to our state and national organizations and help to create a strong profession.

Let us make 2019 a year of growth and connections. I hope everyone will continue this year to learn and grow in your own personal goals as well as help contribute to the future of MPPA.

Carrie Holland

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