October 8 - Setting the Stage for Luxury Portrait Sales by Heather Beadles & Jeremy Ridout

Setting the Stage for Luxury Portrait Sales

Talk Description:

How do some studios thrive with amazing sales averages when it seems there are cheap, low cost photographers on every corner? How do you avoid the "no-sale” due to sticker shock after the sitting? How do you build a business that is sustainable, profitable and rewarding?

Join Heather Beadles, M.Photog., CPP, from Stillwater and Jeremy Ridout, Portrait Artist from Frisco, Texas, as they provide an inside look at how they have created a client experience in their respective studios that sets the stage for high-end sales. Whether you have a studio location or work from home, discover how to position your products and create portraits that will appeal to affluent clients and be worthy of higher prices. Learn how to develop an effective system for a design consultation that helps you determine if they are the right client for you, prepares the client’s expectations and gets them excited, handles their objections, and sells products with a purpose…all before you even pick up a camera.

To learn more about Heather go to www.beadlesportraits.com and Jeremy go to www.jridout.com.

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