Aug 13 - Your Singular, Spectacular Journey: Loving It and Leveraging It by Debra Klawetter

Is photography for you a walk in the park? An uphill battle? A downhill coast? Or maybe

you 're feeling a bit stuck in a rut? (Perhaps you've experienced all four - within the last day!) Our unique stories, gifts, experiences, and perspectives are the very things that can spur the creative process. Be inspired to draw on what makes YOU unique and transform that into a gift to your clients, to yourself, and the world around you.

Debra Klawetter, CPP, enjoys offering her portrait and wedding clients a highly

personalized experience. With a background in psychology and a natural bent toward understanding people, she strives to understand each client well and to truly portray them in their images. Currently, she is launching a fine art line that is deeply meaningful to her, born out of a personal project. Having been in the industry for over 13 years, Debra understands many of the unique challenges of being a photographic artist today. Her desire is to refresh, to encourage, and to motivate you to continually keep your own creative passion alive, whether you 're a beginner or a seasoned veteran.

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