How to Help Ensure Amazing Senior Portraits!

Finding a professional photographer that meets your needs is extremely important when looking for someone to photograph your High School Senior. Different photographers have different styles, pricing, and products. It is very important that you check all these things out before your session to make sure everything runs smoothly and no one is disappointed in the end.

Whether you are a High School Senior being photographed, the student’s parent, or the photographer, here are some extremely important tips to remember when getting ready for a portrait session!

  • Bring LOTS of different looks and outfits. They don’t all have to be used, but the photographer will probably have ideas about what will look best in portraits. Although most photographers allow clothing changes during the session, keep in mind that time spent changing clothes takes away from time being photographed.

  • Remember to bring shoes, accessories, and proper undergarments for each outfit. Shoes aren’t necessary for close-up shots, but having an extra pair often comes in handy. Also accessories such as jackets, hats, sunglasses and jewelry can help give you a variety of looks.

  • Make sure your clothing is steamed or pressed and on hangers. Don’t count on the photographer being able to Photoshop wrinkles out of clothing. Blemishes can be retouched, but wrinkled clothes do not photograph well.

  • Bring clothes that flatter your figure and you are comfortable in. If you don’t like your arms, don’t bring sleeveless outfits. If you are self-conscience of your legs, wear long pants or a longer skirt. Keep in mind that bold patterns like stripes and plaids aren’t the best choice for portraits. Dark colors are often more flattering.

  • Don’t try something new with your hair or overdo your makeup. Many senior girls choose to get their hair and makeup professionally done, but remember, you want to look like “you!”

  • Bring Props! Props show who you are! Bring sports equipment, uniforms, trophies, books, musical instruments, letterman jackets, FFA jackets, or what ever defines you!

  • Things to Avoid: Tan lines, dirty fingernails, oily hair, razor stubble (unless that is the look you are going for), wrinkled clothes (can’t stress that one enough), and AVOID RUNNING LATE for your session! Running late stresses everyone out. Plan on arriving at least a little early for your session in case you have any last-minute questions or concerns for your photographer.

During your photo session, your photographer will give you tons of ideas and directions.

Your only job is to RELAX & HAVE FUN…

and you will look AMAZING!!

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