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Hi everyone! I am Carrie Holland. My husband and I own J. Holland Photography in Oklahoma City. We photograph lots of different types of work, from portraits to school athletics and we pack specific gear each time depending on the nature of the job. Today I am going to show you what I would pack for photographing team portraits and then also for game action. Our teams can be photographed outdoors or indoors so the equipment will vary. Most of the time though, this primary camera kit stays close to this setup shown. And not everything is pictured.

I’d like to say that I believe the camera lens and gear are not what make a great image, the person using it does. I do believe however having the right tools to do your job as a photographer will improve your final results. We, like everyone are always working to improve.

Lowepro Roller Bag - fits in most airline overheads.

Canon 5D Mark III w/grip and Spider hand strap- I love hand straps, they help me a lot with the weight of the camera with the larger lenses.

Canon 6D w/grip and Peak Design hand strap

Canon 70-200 F2.8L & Canon 70-200 F4L

Canon 17-40 F4L

Canon 28-135 F3.5-5.6is

Color Checker Passport

Canon shutter release- lets me interact with the athletes instead of being behind the camera.

Manfrotto tripod- not only for stability but for consistency. Keeps photographer from wandering.

Seckonic Lightmaster Light Meter

Speedlights - Canon 540EZ & Canon 550EX. Used as “speedlight on a stick” lol. Sometimes bare but also with a diffuser.

2 Phottix transmitter, 4 Phottix receivers and sync cords. Don’t forget the sync cords!

2-Photogenic 500w power lights

Speedbox-60 collapsible softbox for speedlight flashes.

Photflex large softbox or Beauty dish or White shoot through umbrella depending on job.

2-small Photogenic black/silver umbrellas

Photogenic Ion Inverter system (battery pack)

Several extension cords

Light stands

Canon battery chargers for cameras & always several packs of brand new AA’s for flashes.

Extra Cards in cases, one Think Tank and one I got free at IUSA!

Hoodman Loupe- for outdoor viewing, always checking for blinks!

Blue plastic cones! - for marking the spot for athletes to stand so I get a consistent distance and background.

Business cards, pens, paper, rubber bands, lens cloths.

Johnny’s keys to tighten tripod plates- he has this one super key that we forgot what it opens but it does a great job tighten plates!

Shoot Bag for Game Action


Flash for after dark end of game celebrations or friend/family groups.

70-200 F2.8 or F4 depends on time of day.

17-40 F4 for stadium, group or artistic images.

Holdfast Moneymaker strap- LOVE

Fingerless gloves for winter

Cash for concessions sometimes they don’t take cards

Pens, paper and business cards

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