March 12 Meeting

The March 12 meeting will be split. The first hour will be Leah Brown on How to balance working a corporate job, being a photographer and family! Then we will have Deb Odom a food stylist share her secrets on making food look amazing.

Leah Brown - How to balance working a corporate job,

being a photographer and family!

Leah Brown is a metro area boudoir photographer, who holds down a full time corporate job, takes care of her family, and loves to lift others up through the power of body positivity! When she’s not working at Paycom, or tending her zoo at home, you will find her dancing behind a Nikon, or directing the perfect pose from the top of a step stool. Breaking into the business as a hobbyist in 2008, she decided to take the leap and take her business to the next level in 2017.

Side note-Leah loves coffee. Her words, “ It’s always about coffee!”

Deb Odom - Food Stylist

I have been a foodie before it was a “thing”. I have been “styling” food since I was little. I understood from a very early age that beautiful food entices your appetite. After all we “eat with our eyes first”.

I took a food styling class in college, but then got sidetracked with life. In 2011, I had the privilege of attending food photo shoots for a national company on behalf of the client. It was there that I was reminded of my love for and passion for beautiful food. I spent most of my time in the kitchen with the other stylists.

It was in 2012 that I decided to pursue my love of food and become a stylist. I work mainly with local photographers here in the OKC area. Some of my clients include Jimmy’s Egg, 7-Eleven OKC, S&B Burger, and Hideaway Pizza.

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