A look back on 2016!!

Here is a brief summary of the past meetings of 2016!

We hope you enjoy looking back on the programs we had at MPPA

December - "Christmas Party!"

The 2016 Christmas party was a great time! This year, we did something a bit different and it was a delicious potluck event with many members bringing their own tasty and wonderful creations! Our dear friend Clem Wehner provided some delightful entertainment and, as always, the Dirty Santa gift exchange was full of fun and surprises!

November - "Top Ten on Business"

Gary Box offered a tremendous amount of information on marketing, pricing, sales and more in this very informative meeting that focused on making your business successful and profitable. In keeping with his overwhelming successful University of Box theme, we learned many different aspects of what it takes, both in front of, and away from the lens, to create success in today's photography business.

October - "The Cost of Light"

Robert Trawick spoke and provided a fantastic overview on what it truly costs to be a professional photographer in this day and age. Going so far as to breaking it down to what it cost per session, Robert offered an eye opening view as to the costs of running a photography business for everyone, followed by a short lighting demonstration in the courtyard.

September - "Art Law – Photography"

Law firm director and shareholder, Douglas Sorocco of Dunlap-Codding spoke of today's laws and trends directed towards photographer's legal rights regarding copyright law and offered expert opinion on how to combat unauthorized use of photographers' works.

August - "Architectural Photography"

Arkansas' Ron Jackson shared with us the different ways and techniques to shoot architecture inside and outside of a property. He provided methods and tips to make a property look it's best for a client and focused on the details to make your property sessions successful.

July - "Print competition"

MPPA's local print competition took place with over 90 images judged this year, including one from our own Johnny Holland that went on to score a perfect 100 at the Professional Photographers of Oklahoma State Convention! It was a great evening as judges offered solid critiques and suggestions on many of the images.

June - "All Things Print Competition"

Don Emmerich spoke of what to look for and plan as you choose and edit your images for print competition judging.

May - "How to Increase Profitability Through In Person Sales "

Kathy Norwood explained the importance and ways to set up what you offer a client after a wedding event. In this day and age where the amount of choices can become confusing and mind boggling, Kathy showed us how the amount of offerings you present to a client can remain simple, effective and profitable.

April - " Becoming the Hero"

Chrystina Straughan from San Antonio shared with us her skills on being a successful wedding photographer and what it takes to be the number one vendor in a client's eyes on one of the most important days of her life.

March - "Bricktown Walk Around & Light Painting"

Our own MPPA members, Sam Hyden & Dwaine Horton, hosted a great photo safari around the Boathouse district near Bricktown offering hands-on learning, demonstrating off-camera lighting and light painting.

February - " Timeless Children's Portraiture"

At our new meeting place, located at the Dunlap-Codding building in downtown Oklahoma City, Leslie Lake Hoyt spoke and held a class on Children's Portraiture that demonstrated correct lighting techniques and subject posing.

January 2016 - "The Post Process"

2016 MPPA President Alonzo Adams welcomed Nathan Holritz of Tennessee, as he held an interesting and informative class in post processing techniques focusing on Lightroom.

December 2015 - "Christmas Party"

As 2016 came to a close to the year, we held our final meeting at the Aloft Hotel in downtown OKC as we thanked Rick Cotter for his service thru the year as our MPPA President. The Christmas party was a formal, wonderfully decorated gala event, complete with music and a sit down dinner.

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