From your 2021 Mentoring Committee!!

Cary Garrison

Hello, Cary Garrison here! As head of our mentoring committee, I want to invite everyone, especially those new to our organization to please feel free to take advantage of our mentoring program.  We have organized a program in which not only our highly-skilled and experienced mentors can offer advice, but many of our members have volunteered to share their knowledge, thoughts and time as well!


Whether you have a question about posing, lighting, competition images, critiques, or business-related concerns, simply contact one of us on the mentoring committee (Cary @ 405-627-0734, Willo @ 405-760-6402, or Heath @ 405-326-6409) and we will either answer your questions, or point you in the right direction.  


We are here for you, so please take advantage of our mentoring program and 

advance your photography to new levels!!

Heath Shelton
Willo Wallace

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