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Oct. 19th - David Ly - Video Basics 101

A Crash Course On Video

Modern photo cameras today have the capability to do a decent level of video. This course is designed to be a gateway into video with the possibility to lead into more clients down the road using the photo cameras you own.

I've been doing photo and video as a hobby since 2010 up until early 2019. Since early 2019 I changed my hobby into a profession and have picked up video work for clients like The Washington Post, The Food Network, and more. I also run a personal YouTube channel for passion projects and still apply a lot of what I was taught in video to give the best of what I can offer as a one man band.

We will be social distancing and if you are more comfortable wearing a mask please do so.

If you are not comfortable coming in person please register at www.metroppa.com and we will send you the Zoom link so you can still attend.

Workshop Oct 24th - “The Photillustrator”

Norman Rockwell twist







WORKSHOP  with Jason Ulsrud

WHEN - Oct. 24th, 9am-6pm

WHERE - will be held at Shelton's Photography & Design

117 1/2 N. 2nd Guthrie, Ok

there will be a limited number of seats in person and that there will be a zoom option as well

$99 for new non-members and this would include membership for 2021. 

$75 for members.

Jason Ulsrud, “The Photillustrator”, is a Dallas, TX based Creative Portrait Photographer specializing in creating Uniquely Different Portraits for Uniquely Different People. Traveling all over the country to create fun and entertaining family portraits with a Norman Rockwell twist, Jason wants to challenge you to BE, and Create images that are, different. If you’re tired of making the same old boring portraits as everyone else, and want to create something different, Jason, “The Photillustrator”, looks forward to meeting you.

Create the funnest and most entertaining portraits you’ve ever seen before. If you’re tired of making the same old boring portraits as everyone else and want to explore something more creative, then you’ll love this Photillustrator mini-workshop. Together we’ll create a simple Composited Portrait that’ll actually be fun and entertaining, while exploring the power of effective storytelling in family portraits and how you can make it a part of your business. How do you stand out in the world of portrait photography? You start by doing something Uniquely Different. 

Join Jason Ulsrud, award winning, 20+ year Dallas photographer, a Texas School Teacher, and all around nice guy for a wonderful, fun class and a new way to create art.

Sept 14th Judy Bukowski - Newborn Safety & Posing

Newborn Safety & Posing

My name is Judy Bukowski. I have won multiple awards and just recently got my CPP. I am a wife, a mother of three wonderful children and a grandma to the best little girl ever.


I'll be teaching a safe way to photograph newborns. What you should and should not do and posing techniques.

Please Register so we know who is attending the meetings. Once you are registered we will send you the Zoom link if you are not attending in person. 


Click the link below to register!

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