March 8th Meeting



Robert Trawick - FAUX2PRO

Dinner with the speaker at 5p

Meeting starts at 6p

Please wear your mask when inside the building.


Photography as a whole has advanced to a point of universal social status and capturing visuals everyday is a routine occurrence. The history of the world has never been so vastly documented and we are bombarded daily from multiple sources with the imagery of daily lives. Inexpensive camera systems are capable of “professional” quality images and, with a simple photo kit, everyone can be the “next top professional photographer” and easily earn thousands of dollars shooting weddings, portraits or seniors. Despite all the advances in the craft, professionals complain that the “Uncle Bobs” of the world are eroding the market; that my bride from last year is now a wedding shooter or the fauxtographers have no ethics. Online photo communities, smart phone apps and internet video streaming are the new age instructors for the “going pro” newbie shooter. Today’s professional status is little more than ability to purchase a fancy camera, have a business card and a simple website. Photography is the new pyramid scheme. Fear not, Robert is here! Part humorist, part educator and all passion, Robert hopes to open your mind to other possibilities. Within the program, you may feel different emotions from anger to joy, from laugher to sorrow, from fear to courage. Robert has compressed many of today’s issues faced by professionals into “Faux to Pro - Ten Things to Know NOW”. Designed to help emerging photographers understand the creative/business process is not so black & white or easy, while pushing the boundaries of established practices of the long term professional photographer. Traditional and avant-garde styles can coexist and excel. You will not agree with every thing presented, but Robert hopes that each point challenges the perspectives used to gauge our industry, other photographers and ultimately ourselves.

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