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Nov 11 - Get To Work ON Your Business!

Business Management, Task Assessment, Social Media, Working with Intention

Pamela Jean

You can have a business or you can have a hobby.  Which do you have?  Which do you want to have?  If you find yourself running in circles within your business this is a lecture you do not want to miss.  I will share practical management tips to help you get a grip on your business, work with intention and generate revenue.  We will discuss your daily tasks and create a plan of action to eliminate unnecessary tasks and streamline the rest.  How is Social Media treating you?  Truth be told, SM can be a huge time sucker.  I will share with you a Social Media Strategy you will be able to easily apply to your marketing plan.  Let's get to work ON your Business and stop wasting time IN your Business!

Hello Friends!  I was born and raised in Northwest Iowa, and started my first career in Bank Marketing and Human Resources.  The entrepreneurial bug bit 30 years ago, when I started a Portrait Studio, in Sioux City, Iowa.  For ten years I operated a thriving and successful photography business.  During my time in Iowa, I earned numerous photography awards and accolades through the Professional Photographers of Iowa as well as the Professional Photographers of America.  Humbly I hold the title Master-Craftsman, a degree earned through PPA.  I sold my Portrait Studio in Iowa and joined Box Portrait Gallery in Oklahoma where I have been for the past 16 years.  My ability to communicate and connect with my clients have made me one of the most sought photographers in the state.

I also began a teaching and training career in the photography industry and am considered one of the top educators today.  With honor, I have taught thousands of photographers and business owners sales and financial success.  Get this, I host an educational internet group of over 12,000 professional photographers!  You will find me to be highly motivated, organized, creative, down to earth and professional. I am comfortable speaking to a crowd of 2000 or an intimate group of 20, I extremely knowledgeable, intelligent and very easy to talk to.

In December of 2016, I changed my focus from photography to Business and Success Coaching.  This decision has led me to create Pamela Jean A New Life Coaching.  "Your past has a purpose," and I am so excited to share my business knowledge and life experiences with you.  It is my belief that you go don't go anywhere by accident, and wherever you are, God has put you there.  He has put you exactly where you are because He wants to do something amazing through you.  I am so excited to help you begin creating A New Life!

I am a Christian, love family, animals and community, and am Mother of 5 children, Gammie to 7 beautiful Grandchildren.  Joyfully I have served on many committees, boards and have taken on numerous roles in my church and am ready to serve you!

Oct 14 - Share Your Story

Survive 23yrs in the industry

Heath Shelton, CPP

Sponsored by Think Tank, Millers Lab, Powerex, SuccessWare, Shootproof

As a small boy Heath Shelton watched as his dad make prints under a red safe light. He had no way of knowing that someday in the future he would be doing the very same thing. As he got his dad’s camera down from the shelf many years later, he then knew that making beautiful images was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Heath never dreamed of being a fireman, a doctor, or even a lawyer.
He always knew that documenting the lives of people and stories of the earth was what he wanted to pursue.

Then, with a few lessons from his father, Heath went out to look through that light tight box we know as a camera and started his life long career as a photographer. Now with twenty three years of experience (30yrs behind a camera) and four years of photography schooling, Heath is producing the type of work he has always dreamed about.

After graduation he kept his business that he had started while in college part time and went to work for Oklahoma State University as Coordinator of Photography for two years. Heath is now running his business, Shelton’s Photography and Design, full time in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Heath is an award winning portrait and landscape photographer. However, if you ask him he’ll say, “I enjoy taking portraits of just about anything. As long as I am behind my camera, I am happy.”

Why your story is so important as a business owner, a community leader and a consumer.

Branding, Social Media, GIITC and how I have survived 23yrs in the photography industry!!

Sept 9 - Volume Photography 101

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Mark McCall, M. Photog. M. Artist, Cr. CPP

$100,000 in just a few months?
HallMark Professional Portraits grossed that amount from Sept. 1st  - Dec. 8th, 2018 with just one assistant and one part time packaging person, and YOU CAN TOO!
The volume photography market is booming right now, and is being shot by photographers less talented than you!
Learn Mark’s secrets for photographing early learning centers, preschools, parent’s day out programs, sport leagues and other volume gigs. Learn where the jobs are, and how to get them!
If you hate selling yourself to a school or league, this program is for you. Learn how Mark gets those jobs without ever picking up the phone, or making a single sales call.
Take the high end “Santa Experience” and automate it for schools! , complete with painter effect! 
This item alone is worth the cost of admission!

You’ll learn the following:
*Where to get the school names and contact information. 
*Get them to call YOU, then keep calling for Fall, Santa, Easter, Graduation images.
*Order forms. How does $79 for 2,000 sound?
*Create sets that go far beyond a simple background. Do something your competitor can’t do.
*Get backgrounds for $50 or less.
*Props….it’s all about the props.
*Simple, simple, simple lighting.
*Problem with an order?  Find out Mark’s trick for having the parent call YOU instead of the school.
*Proofs or Prepay?  Find out what works, for which jobs. 
*Learn how to get Santa to come to the schools with you, at a far lower rate than he normally charges.
*Why branding is so important, and how to do it cheaper than you ever imagined.
*Miss an 8x10 at the lab and don’t want to wait 3-4 days (or meet a lab’s minimum order)?  No problem.
  Learn how to print a quality print at home on a $75 printer, indistinguishable from a lab print.
*Learn the dark side of RAID storage systems and why other, lesser expensive storage systems offer a more secure option.

Mark McCall operates a boutique studio in the Historical District in downtown Lubbock Texas specializing in wedding, portrait and commercial photography.
Mark's lifelong love affair with photography began in 1974 at the tender age of 8 when he spotted a calendar at the grocery store checkout. After begging for the calendar, full of beautifully captured landscapes, mountains and rivers, the die was cast.
Mark’s Grandmother noticed his interest in photography almost immediately. She presented him with a plastic, 35mm camera that she’d received for a minimum purchase of mail order makeup.
Opening its doors in July 1996, McCall's was one of the first fully digitally integrated studios in Texas and continues to be a leader in capture, digital file handing, file preparation and enhancement.
Mark holds all three degrees offered by the Professional Photographers of America as well as six Photographic Fellowships.
Mark was the 2014 President of the Texas Professional Photographers Assoc. and continues to serve the Association as Chairman of the TPPA Print Competition Committee and social media manager.
Mark also served on PPA’s Certification Committee that wrote the test that all photographers must take to become Certified Professional Photographers.
June 2017, Mark was awarded PPA’s National Award in Houston Tx., the highest honor a PPA Affiliate can bestow upon a member photographer.
His client list includes Texas Tech University, Huggies, Bell Helicopter, Pioneer Audio Systems, Tama Drums, PETA, Ford, Sherwin Williams, Daktronics, Proctor and Gamble, Taco Villa, Wells Fargo and many more.

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